Thermal ribbon is a film made out of polyester which is coated with different layers. It consists of wax ribbons, resin ribbons and Wax-resin ribbons. The most commonly used ribbon is wax ribbon which uses a wax-based ink that melts on the products and makes print. These are recommended for short term usage as they are not durable when compared to others. Resin ribbon provide great performance by printing sharp and clear. These are more durable ribbons which can survive in harsh environments and conditions with moisture.Wax-resin ribbons are a mixture of both wax and resin and also the most durable among the two.


Near Edge Ribbons

Near Edge Thermal Transfer Ribbons are commonly used for date coding and serialization in food and drug applications. Near edge printers combined with the right near edge thermal transfer ribbon allow for printing at high speeds even on the most challenging surfaces. If you are considering a new near edge ribbon, we recomend testing.

Wax Ribbons

The most frequently used ribbon is wax ribbon, which is printed with a wax-based ink that melts on the items. These are only advised for short-term use because they are not as durable as others. On coated and uncoated paper, they offer greater abrasion, resilience, and print quality for regular and rotational barcodes.

Resin Ribbons

Resin ribbons function admirably in the production of labels with crisp, clear print. Resin ribbons perform well in tough weather conditions like high-temperature UV applications, moisture, abrasion, and other harsh environments. Resin ribbon is just a polyester film with several layers coated on it.

Wax / resin Ribbons

Wax-Resin thermal ribbons are ideal for long-lasting labels, since they provide a finer image on very smooth, coated and gloss paper labels, as well as some synthetic materials. A wax-resin ribbon’s printed image is more durable than wax, offering exceptional smear and scratch resistance as well as great resistance to scuffing or rubbing.




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