RFID Labels & Tags

When an RFID tag is scanned by a reader then the reader transmits energy to the tag which powers it for the chip and antenna to pass the information back towards the reader then the reader again transmits this information back to an RFID computer program for interpretation. RFID tags are an excellent option for those who want live tracking and real time tracking. These are great for supply chain management, race tracking and any other sort of tracking. These are cheap, light weight and last longer. These are used for textile services, industry services, fuelling automation and animal identification in labs or in cattle.


Rfid Labeling Solutions And Services

RFID labelling plays an important part in inventory management by keeping track of assets and managing inventory, as most firms struggle to maintain track of their assets. RFID implementation in enterprises will be a tremendous asset since it will enhance productivity, increase revenue, improve data collection quality, lower expenses, and provide greater security.

Zebra Certified Inlays

Zebra Certified Inlays have undergone extensive testing to assure industry-leading performance and low printer void rates. They have the best-performing chips to meet a wide range of application needs. To guarantee reliable encoding, the inlay location has been validated in Zebra industrial, desktop, and mobile printers.




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