Event Wristbands

Make your event easy to manage and classy with the help of event wristband. These wristbands are made to last in different conditions such as in water, soap, alcohol and when stretched. The print on the band is a high-quality print that does not get wiped out easily. Our bands are light weight and can be scanned with any type of scanner. Guest management is easy with the help of wristbands by giving different bands to different people like different colour for people who are allowed in back stage and another colour for audience. It will reduce the waiting time for entry with barcode scanning system, just scan your band and you are good to go.


Z-band Thermal Wristband

Z-Band Thermal Wristbands is a direct thermal wristband that automates ID verification in hospitals and other places, it also eliminates the chances of data being left on ribbons and prevents drug and blood transfer errors in the healthcare industry.

Z-band Thermal Rfid Wristband

Z band Thermal RFID wristbands are band that are printed by thermal printer on demand which simplify the process of identifying or taking attendance in an organization or in a medical field. They transfer data to a computer with the help of the band without any physical contact.




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