Card Printer Cleaning Supplies

Keeping your ID card printer clean is essential in order to get the best performance and output from your device. Regular cleaning of your printer will not only increase the life span of your printer but also prevents from further problems and damage. With the increase in use of printer the image quality starts to deplete but with proper and regular cleaning this will not happen. Netway is here to make sure that your printing does not stop and goes smoothly. We provide you with proper cleaning supplies which will help you to keep your printer as clean as new.


Cleaning Cartridges

Ink cartridges may dry out if they are not used for some days or weeks in this problem cleaning cartridges are really helpful in cleaning the blocked or dried nozzles. They aid with the proper operation of your printer, as well as the extension of its life and the printing of clear and sharp images.

Cleaning Rollers

Replace printer cleaning rollers to enhance printer performance. These rollers take up dirt off blank cards prior to printing, resulting in clear pictures, text, and graphics. Printers can get covered with paper dust over time, losing their capacity to feed paper correctly. To extend the life of the printer, it is necessary to clean it on a regular basis. 

Cleaning Cards

This cleaning card eliminates ink, dirt, dust, and other pollutants from your printer’s thermal print head, paper route, and paper guide in an effective and safe manner. This card helps to preserve the life, performance, reliability, and quality of your printer by embedding a soft fabric inside a plastic core.

Cleaning Swabs

The safest technique to clear visible deposits from the printhead is with printer cleaning swabs. To get the best results, use cleaning swabs with other cleaning card supplies. These are mainly used on thermal printer heads, belts and rollers which makes cleaning process easy




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