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Business relies on human processes, which are inefficient and likely to fail, whereas barcodes are automated and communicate real-time data with fewer risks of error. Employees scan barcodes with barcode scanners, barcode labels printers, mobile computers, or smartphones and communicate data to their company’s database wirelessly or via Bluetooth to their warehouses or other remote sites. Barcode labels and tags make it easy to keep track of items and assess their location, number, and condition. We provide paper labels, specialty paper labels, synthetic labels, and bespoke labelling solutions in Saudi Arabia.


Asset Labels

Netway Solutions high-quality, durable asset labels are an ideal way to ensure that your capital equipment and other assets are properly tracked and inventoried throughout their useful lives. Computers, monitors, furniture, totes, machine components, tools, fixtures, vehicles — we offer options for virtually any type of asset and environment.

Rack Labels

Netway Solutions manufactures extremely durable warehouse rack and shelf location labels, using the industry’s most advanced materials and digital ink-jet technology.


Options include permanent, repositionable and freezer-grade adhesives. Multilevel, color-coded totem labels. Ultra-durable, indestructible labels. Custom designs can include 1D or 2D barcodes and retroreflective graphics for long-range scanning.

Custom Labeling Solutions

Having your own unique label, your items will also look professional and buyers will be able to recognise it immediately. We manufacture and provide asset labels and rack labels. Our custom asset labels are a great way to keep track of and inventory your capital equipment and other assets throughout their useful life. We also create large long-lasting warehouse rack and shelf location labels utilising the most advanced materials and digital ink-jet technology in the market. Netway creates custom labels or tags in order to give our clients exactly what they want.

Paper Labels

Paper labels help your company stand out among the competition. These are more environmentally friendly, and their supply networks are more efficient. Because it is done in a high-volume manufacturing process, paper label production is also very dependable. Paper labels are most commonly used in the logistics, food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries.

Specialty Paper Labels

Specialty paper is the highest-grade paper available on the market; specialty paper labels are manufactured with specialty paper, which is mostly utilised in industrial applications. Printing on difficult places like curves or uneven surfaces is now made easy with the help of specialty paper labels and print on specialty paper may be easily labelled over or covered up.

Synthetic Labels

Get a high-quality synthetic label for your industry or business that is waterproof and designed to withstand severe treatment in the workplace. Synthetic labels come in a variety of materials, including polyester, vinyl, and propylene, which you may choose from depending on your needs and intended purpose. When compared to other types of labels, these are a more durable, trustworthy, and adaptable solution.

Specialty Synthetic Labels

Netway solutions provides your business with the best quality of Synthetic speciality labels and adhesives to satisfy the needs of specialty applications. Resilience to severe temperatures and moist surfaces, electro-static dissipative, long-range scanning, and other qualities are all available on labels. Almost all of these materials offer a wide range of important features, such as toughness and flexibility, and they’re all quite simple to work with.


Using tags in your business or industry will aid in product identification and make business procedures easier. It will also assist your goods in standing out from identical products from competitors. Netway solution will ensure that your tags and printing are of the highest quality.




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