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Repair Services

With the rapid growth in technology all your business is dependent on devices and if your device does not work or it has any problem then it will reduce the speed of your workflow. In order to prevent this, we provide you with excellent repair services for your laptops as well as desktops at Netway. We will suggest the right service for you with causing you any worries about your device. We provide quick and easy repair services without any hassle. Don’t let accidents be a barrier for your work get yourself repair services from Netway and get peace of mind. We provide you with maximum service and our customer care will be just a call away for any of your problems.

Netway is the best solution for you to get the right repair service. We also provide extended repair services for your laptop or desktops even if you didn’t purchase it from us.

If you purchase your device from a retail outlet, they may not offer you a great warranty service so Netway is the best solution for you to get the right warranty and repair service. We also provide extended warranty services for your laptops, Mobile computer and Barcode printer even if you didn’t purchase it from us.

Devices We Repair :

Mobile Computers

Affordable Price :

Warranty services are cheap when compare to the actual product for which you are buying a warranty. You should do regular service for the product in order to avoid any problems in future.

Repair and Replacement :

This kind of warranty is available for 6 to 12 months from the date of purchase. In certain condition we also provide replacement with a new product on certain terms and conditions.

Flexible plans :

Warranty services can be bought with respect to your needs. For example, you can buy only2 year warranty if you want and you can keep upgrading it.

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