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Custom Labels Services :

Having your own unique label, your items will also look professional and buyers will be able to recognise it immediately. We manufacture and provide asset labels and rack labels. Our custom asset labels are a great way to keep track of and inventory your capital equipment and other assets throughout their useful life. We also create large long-lasting warehouse rack and shelf location labels utilising the most advanced materials and digital ink-jet technology in the market. Netway creates custom labels or tags in order to give our clients exactly what they want.

Custom Labels We Provide :

Rack Labels
Asset Labels
Near Edge Ribbion

Benefits of having custom label :

Free Advertising :

Your product will be there in a shop all the time with its label which will be visible to the customers and make the name of your brand known. And when the brand becomes known it creates trust within customers and the next time they will buy your product.

Professional Look :

Customers will buy something that has great packing and and labeling done on it rather than going for some unbranded product. The custom label will also be mentioning all the details such as ingredients, manufacture date and other details.

Things we offer for Custom Label :

  • Good Quality Materials and Vibrant Colors of Great Quality: Netway provides you with the best quality of material for your custom label. A great quality of label will attract customers and create a trust on the basis of quality. We provide you with the best quality of colors as they will represent your brand and vibrant colors will attract customers.
  • Size and Shape: The size of the label must correspond with the size of the product. We will provide you with complete guidance related to helping out with the right size of the label. The shape of the label also plays an important part as it comes to notice as soon as the customer has a look.

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