Choosing the Right Asset Management Software: Features to Look For

Trust us when we say that asset management software is a game changer. It may not sound like the most exciting thing in the world. We will explain it to you in simple terms.

What precisely is asset management software, first and foremost? It’s a programme that aids organisations in keeping track of all of their assets, from automobiles and heavy gear to office chairs and computers. You may store details about each asset, like its location, maintenance history, and depreciation value, using the software.

Now, you may be considering, “Why am I in need of this? Can’t I just use something like a spreadsheet?” You could certainly attempt to manage everything manually, but let’s be honest: who has the time for that? By automating the process, asset management software makes your life simpler.

Only a handful of the benefits of purchasing asset management software are listed below:

Time is saved.

Consider how much time you devote to manually managing your assets. Each item needs to be listed, its position updated when it moves, and its maintenance history tracked. It takes a lot of effort! This procedure is streamlined by asset management software, which updates each asset’s data as it is moved or maintained. Your time is thus freed up to concentrate on other crucial duties.

You get to save money.

Knowing exactly where your assets are and when they require maintenance will help you avoid future expensive repairs or replacements. Also, having a thorough and comprehensive inventory of your assets might aid in the improvement of your purchase choices. You won’t unintentionally purchase something you already own, and you’ll be aware of when to upgrade or replace a product.

It is expandable

It can get more challenging to manage everything manually as your company expands and you acquire more assets. With the ability to grow with your company, asset management software makes it simple to add new assets to your inventory and keep track of them alongside your current ones.

How can you pick the best asset management software for your company now that you are aware of its significance? These are some things to think about:

Utilization simplicity

An intuitive and user-friendly piece of software is what you want. You don’t want to spend hours trying to figure it out or teaching your staff how to use it.


Your asset management software should be customised to your company’s specific needs. Look for software that enables you to alter fields and tags to suit your unique requirements.

Availability on mobile

You and your staff are presumably constantly on the move. Seek out software with a web-based or mobile app interface so you can view your asset data from any location.


Lastly, confirm that the programme you select offers quality customer support. If you have any queries or problems, you should be able to contact someone.

To make sure you’re getting the most out of your investment when picking asset management software, there are a few crucial aspects you should consider. Among the most important characteristics to take into account are as follows:

Asset monitoring

The capacity to track your assets is one of the most crucial components of any asset management programme. Find a piece of software that makes it simple to add new assets, keep track of where they are at all times, and see their maintenance records.


It’s crucial to pick software that can be altered to meet your particular demands because every firm has different asset management needs. To choose software, look for the ability to create custom fields, tags, and reports.

maintaining a schedule

Maintaining your assets in good operating order requires routine maintenance. Search for software that enables you to schedule, monitor, and create reminders for maintenance due dates.

Analytics and reporting

Only when you can analyse and apply your asset data to influence decisions will it be valuable. To quickly develop insights and pinpoint areas for improvement, look for software with strong reporting and analytics features.

Go no further than Netway if you’re seeking for a dependable and feature-rich asset management software in UAE. Our software is made to assist companies of all sizes in effectively and efficiently managing their assets. You can take advantage of features like:

  • Simple asset tracking
  • Fields and tags that can be customised
  • Maintenance scheduling and reminders
  • Integration with other systems
  • Mobile access
  • Robust reporting and analytics

In conclusion, asset management software might not be the sexiest thing out there, but it’s definitely worth considering if you want to save time, money and improve accuracy.

Ready to see how Netway can help streamline your asset management processes? Contact us today to schedule a demo and get started.