Netway provides a variety of Radio Frequency Identification devices (RFID) which includes handheld RFID readers, Fixed RFID readers, RFID scanners, RFID Antennas and RFID printers. RFID plays a great role in managing inventory by keeping a track of assets and managing the inventory as most of the businesses face a lot of difficulty in keeping a track of their assets.


Implementing RFID in businesses will be a great asset as it will increase the productivity, with increase in revenue, the data capture quality will be improved, it will reduce the costs and it will also give better security. RFID is known for avoiding transcription errors and duplication of data which is due to its great accuracy.

Be Smart Get RFID.

Implementing RFID in your business is a smart move as it saves money and time.

Be The Best And Make No Error.

RFID reads data automatically and no human involvement is required so the chances of human error are zero.

Browse RFID Families

Handheld RFID Readers and RFID-Enabled Scanners

These are handy RFID readers and scanners which are helpful in automatically saving data and replaces human work.

Fixed RFID Readers

These readers are attached or can be portable which have a great performance, power and are used to create RFID systems.

RFID Antennas

When scanning items, the RFID antenna complies with industry requirements and delivers the appropriate level of performance.

RFID Printers

Prints RFID smart labels to transmit information and can be used in inventory management, asset management.




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