Mobile Computers

With technology advancing at a rapid pace, it is critical to stay current in order to stay competitive, and netway is here to help with its mobile computing devices. Implementing mobile computing in your workplace or business will boost employee connectivity and make it easier to interact in real time in an emergency.These devices do not require any setup because they come with pre-installed, ready-to-use software. Users can keep track of their duties by setting reminders and alerts for forthcoming tasks.

Built Tough. Easy Operations

Mobile computers are designed for rough usage in industries and other workplaces and they have a responsive system.


These devices have different usage for different needs.

Browse Mobile Computers Families

Handheld Computers

These devices are easy to carry and light weight, they also increase the mobility, efficiency and productivity while at work.

Wearable Computers

These are more mobile, no need to carry around just fix it to your hand and go ahead with it. These devices make mobile computers more flexible.

Vehicle-Mounted Computers

These are rugged mobile computers which are made to be mounted on industrial vehicles which could be helpful in tracing products on the go.


These are mobile computers with large screen made to withstand harsh weather conditions and can take a fall damage easily.

Healthcare Mobile Computers

These devices store the data of the patients and helpful as to keeps the staff and doctors connected to communicate efficiently in emergencies.




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