Barcode & Mobility

Netway turns your thoughts into reality with the help of our experienced professionals. It is important to understand the need of a product in the market before creating it in order to create your best work. Research should be done before creating the product in order to analyze the market and identify the competitors. 

Latest technology must be applied in the product so that it will last long in the market and give a tough competition. The product which you create must be durable, efficient, accurate and must reduce the chance of error when compared to a human.


Do you require high-performance printers with a high level of quality assurance? Then Netway is the place to be. We provide a variety of printers for your individual needs, all of them have a simple user interface and can be managed with only little expertise. We resell high-end performance printers such as Desktop Printers, Industrial Printers, Mobile Printers, ID Card and Badge Printers, and RFID Printers that give excellent security and print quality without sacrificing performance.


One of the most significant advantages of having an industrial printer is that items can be transported at any time. Most packages cannot be shipped on time due to a lack of labelling, but with an industrial label printer, designing, printing, and delivering labels can be completed on time.


Barcode Scanners And Data Capture

Netway offers a wide range of barcode scanners, from Wired Barcode Scanners to Bluetooth Barcode Scanners. These barcode scanners do not require any additional software or drivers; simply plug them in and begin scanning. Barcode scanning is an important instrument that may be utilised in a variety of settings for quick payments, quick checkouts, ticket verification, event access, data transfer, and biometric attendance at workplaces and hospitals.


Data collection comes with a simple installation instruction and may be handled by professionals with little experience. To make work easier, most businesses and organizations have incorporated automatic data capturing. These technologies increase the speed of work while also improving its accuracy and efficiency. Netway provides all kinds of data capturing devices which will increase your speed of your work and also reduces the chances of human error.

Mobile Computers

With technology advancing at a rapid pace, it is critical to stay current in order to stay competitive, and netway is here to help with its mobile computing devices. Implementing mobile computing in your workplace or business will boost employee connectivity and make it easier to interact in real time in an emergency.


These devices do not require any setup because they come with pre-installed, ready-to-use software. Users can keep track of their duties by setting reminders and alerts for forthcoming tasks. Devices are designed to work in a variety of environments and are extremely responsive. We have a wide range of devices which include handheld computers, wearable computers, vehicle mounted computers, tablets, Healthcare mobile computers and handheld RFID readers.


Handheld RFID readers, fixed RFID readers, RFID scanners, RFID antennas, and RFID printers are among the RFID equipment offered by Netway. RFID plays an important part in inventory management by keeping track of assets and managing inventory, as most firms struggle to maintain track of their assets.


RFID implementation in enterprises will be a tremendous asset since it will enhance productivity, increase revenue, improve data collection quality, lower expenses, and provide greater security. Because of its high precision, RFID is notable for avoiding transcribing errors and data duplication.

POS Systems

Customer management, inventory management, sales, and other functions are all handled by the POS system. It aids in the management of a storefront business, as well as a computer system with POS software that makes the transaction process simple to administer and handle daily customer sale transactions quickly. A point-of-sale system may be quite beneficial in ensuring that your business runs smoothly by ensuring that all of your processes are in sync.


One of the most important advantages of having a POPS system is that it can be used to conduct marketing campaigns using the customer’s phone number or email address stored in the POS system, which can be used to send weekly or daily updates on special offers and sales taking place in the business or stores.




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