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Cloud ERP

The easiest ERP software for all kinds of business

Simple as Excel & Impactful as SAP

Your all-in-one dashboard on the cloud :
  • Track overall health of your business in real-time
  • Keep an eye on your quotation to order conversion
  • Get timely payment by automated notifications and reminders
Complete visibility of your inventory :
  • Quickly glance at available stock while receiving new order
  • Prevent shortage of critical raw material
  • Use barcode to achieve end-to-end item tracing
Track your Purchase and Sales Transactions :
  • Get a timeline view of every activity in sales and purchase
  • Post comments in real-time and tags your team members
  • Faster documentation and proactive tracking to keep you ahead of deadlines

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Implements 100%

95% users say that the best thing about TranZact is that it’s extremely easy to understand and use

Flexible Integrations

ntegrate your Whatsapp and Email for better communication with Customers

Real-time Reporting

Save atleast 4 hours on a daily basis and invest your time in Business Growth & RnD

Human Resource Management System (HRMS) 

Software for Next-Generation HR Operations Management.

A solution that aids in the unlocking of the value of your human capital and digital assets. Provides a real-time picture of how teams are working, regardless of their location.


Use HR software to keep your employees happy

A solution that works with the software you use enables your business to grow faster and more efficiently.

An ideal HR solution must make up part of your everyday tools and is something that is used to help you do the best job possible. Most importantly, the Human Resource software or solution that you use should help you serve employees who are key to the lasting success of your business

Keep track of your employees every step of the way

Effective tracking right from the start, through to the recruitment and hiring process, and during your employees’ entire career progression, is vital to keeping your workforce happy and productive.

Automated time and attendance features allows you to gain insight into your employees’ working patterns: how much overtime employees work, how much leave they use and which departments have higher absence rates than normal.

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